It works well for adult level faith formation, and we have used some videos for our RCIA program. I like the vast amount of topics (the whole faith essentially) that are covered and organized into each episode of about 28 min. I would recommend it to both people new in the faith and to those simply just wanting to go deeper in their understandings.

— Parish Coordinator of Catechetics – Wisconsin

These classes have really helped me during college to stay focused on God when everyone is telling me to get focused on myself and live in the now. It’s pretty fun too, I never got bored!

— Student – University of Minnesota

“The lesson, then the displayed question and answer, help to break the topic into bite size teachings. The most enthusiastic guys want to use the lessons daily.”

— Volunteer Prison Minister – Florida

Just when I was worried about my sons faith life I remembered these talks and it ignited a love again for the truth! He is enjoying them and excited to have more to listen to. The solid truth is exceptional!

— A Catholic Mom – Minnesota